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So Many



So many people, personalities, experiences; lives, which over time build and fuse together, perpetuating existence to be better.

This was the first layered piece created back in 2004. Five years later I found myself creating more layers… Layers within the same collection are titled together, creating a sentence or a phrase. The titles of each art piece depend upon the number of pieces in that collection. Think letters or word magnets for your fridge! The idea behind Layers is to provide original art pieces at affordable prices. Used primarily for home staging, these pieces add life to any empty wall no matter the space. New commissions are always welcomed. Material, process, size, shape and color will vary.

Dimensions: 1″ x 60″ x 30″

Materials: Recycled plywood, stain

Original available | Collection currently on display at the Engallery Showroom


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