Extra-Terrestrial Terrains: ek-struh-tuhres-tree-uh l / [adjective] outside, or originating outside, the limits of the earth. A descriptive term for things outside the Earth, such as possible civilizations outside the solar system, or objects, such as meteorites, that actually reach the Earth. / təˈreɪn; ˈtɛreɪn / [noun] ground or a piece of ground, esp with reference to its physical character or military potential: radio reception can be difficult in mountainous terrain, a rocky terrain.

What can I say, I like playing with matches, going outward and exploring the unknown. The primary material used in Extra-Terrestrial Terrains is recycled expanded plastic made from polystyrene, a packaging material that usually ends up in landfills. The plastic is set on fire and molded using compressed air.